Our Process

Metropolitan's practice is client centered.  Engaging your goals, we focus our talent, expertise, and inspiration to deliver your project.


First Contact

Every project begins here.  We look forward to learning about your project and thank you for considering Metropolitan:

_____ Jeff Clark  o: 314.219.4148  or  c: 314.304.2230  or email Jeff

_____Jay Simon  o: 314.219.4148  or  c: 314.304.2290  or email Jay

___Contact Metropolitan Today About Your Project


Introductory Meeting

Preliminary Design and Project Budget

We learn more about your project and goals, provide samples of our work, talk about the process, address budgeting in broad terms, answer your questions, and determine together if we are a good match.


Our Initial Concept work is an essential key to project success.  Our work is based upon your project objectives and criteria, balancing inspired design solutions with construction feasibility, rough budget, and schedule.

Our Initial Concept work requires detailed professional attention, as well as a small investment by the client.


In this phase, your design and project budget are finalized.  We guide product and finish selections, and develop precise construction drawings to your specifications.  With these, we produce a solid project budget and timeline.


With final architectural work complete and agreements to proceed in place, we secure building permits and start building.  Our stringent quality control is implemented through skilled crafts people and daily supervision.  We schedule meetings and milestone inspections with you throughout the building process to insure your satisfaction.


Should the need arise, Metropolitan is your single-source service provider for one full year. You will also receive an Owner's Manual with a comprehensive listing of all subcontractors, suppliers, products (including colors and material specifications) and warranties.  You will never need to find another resource or guess at any aspect of your project, and we are happy to offer additional services for you.

Architecture, Project Planning and Budget

Building Your Project


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